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Colour Your Day jewellery Gift Sets

Colour Your Day jewellery Gift Sets

Just in time for Christmas and as a special gift for someone special or that special treat gift for yourself, Elizabeth Raine is launching her jewellery gift sets, each with an uplifting and balancing meaning.

"Colour can transform your mood and is healing on so many levels. We all know how we feel when it is grey and dark. When it is bright and colours around us glow, we feel their vibration and we feel uplifted. Wearing colour, especially colourful gemstones can transform you. For people feeling very out of balance and unhappy, my Seven Chakra pendant, earring and  ring sets, help you focus on a different colour each day of the week. It was something I experimented on myself when I went through severe depression and how I started in jewellery back in 2013. I hope it can transform other people from darkness too and uplift ! "

Elizabeth x