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Healing Crystals - An Oasis of Calm in a Sea of Uncertainty

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Healing Crystals - An Oasis of Calm in a Sea of Uncertainty


During this period of uncertainty, we’re all looking for ways to try and focus on mental and spiritual well-being!

It’s not a secret that lockdown has been really hard. Like alot of people, you’ve probably been struggling. We’re all finding being shut away from our friends and loved ones to be a massive challenge.

But in times of crisis, it’s often the most innocent looking things which can be a light in the dark. I’ve found that healing crystals are really a popular remedy to the challenges of everyday lockdown life.


The 7 Chakra Gemstone Pendant Set

When it comes to healing crystals, the complete 7 chakra gemstone sets are most uplifting for the mind, body and the soul.

They really are just beautiful crystals that come in seven different colours, so you’ve got one for each day. They would be absolutely perfect for a Christmas gift, because there are so many positive colours there and gemstones for each chakra. Do you have a stop and think about colour properly? Like, really consider the fact the colour has on our mood? I personally believe that colour can do so much for the way we look at the world.


All of these crystals are here to help you heal. They’re good for well-being, good for taking a moment to sit down and calm down.


The Power of Intention


What I believe is that crystals like these are the key to doing things with intention. Often it’s about the way that you choose to do something, the intention behind your actions. In a difficult period like lockdown, we’re not really being very intentional with what we do. So giving these to someone as a Christmas gift means that they are going to be able to move with intention, to act with purpose and clarity again.


I believe that the secret to getting through lockdown is to act with intention. It’s to trust in the healing power of the crystals to rejuvenate the mind and bring back some perspective. It helps us to make the right choices, to keep pushing forward, and that really is invaluable.


I think if we keep pushing forward, and we keep focusing on acting with more intention, we can beat the lockdown blues. Ultimately, you can give someone the chance to work with focus again, to live with purpose, and to have intention. It is wonderful to see how Dua Lipa who featured in the campaign is an inspiration of following your rainbow.


Right now, it is a difficult time for everybody. Lockdown is tough. But if we keep trying, if we keep pushing forward, and we keep trying to act with intention, and to use these crystals to help rejuvenate the mind and body, using the healing powers that they possess, then you can ultimately combat the negative emotions and energies that come from lockdown. Let’s take back our sense of self-healing, let’s rejuvenate on every level.

Chakra gemstone gift sets make the perfect gift for yourself of someone special in a beautiful signature box. Gift wrapped with hand written gift card option. I send out for next day delivery in the UK and express shipping worldwide.

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