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OCT 2018

Elizabeth Raine has relaunched her OZ Collection as Limited Edition 18 Karat Gold Collection of 111 for each item in the collection. 

A Limited Edition of 111 individually stamped with a number and engraved with the wearers name.

"I chose a Limited Edition of 111 as sacred numerology fascinates me. The 111 represents the principles of spiritual enlightenment & awakening, higher frequencies, intuition, inspiration, self-expression and sensitivity. Those that adorn each of the 111, 18 Karat Gold Limited Edition pieces will collectively share this positive energy which will radiate to others, The Earth to heal and The Universe."

"I strongly believe in Giving Back, having lost everything myself and having faced the depths of the darkest despair I have learnt many lessons. Where there is such blindness and cruelty by some in our society, there are also some with great kindness and compassion. It takes just one voice to offer comfort and wisdom, one ear to listen, one shoulder to lean on, one hug, one helping hand : to heal, to help and from darkness to see life in many colours again and follow one's rainbow. There are three charities I will be donating from sales of all Elizabeth Raine Jewellery pieces which are 'Centrepoint UK', a wonderful charity that supports young homeless people, 'Women's Aid UK', a charity that is a life saving to women and children who are or have faced domestic abuse and 'Friends of The Earth', an environmental charity. "


Elizabeth x