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World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Much hypocrisy is thrown up in the arena of debate on climate change when people put their head above the parapet to do their Eco-Warrior bit, So called, but the fact is a little bit is a big bit if everyone does it. No one is perfect everyone is learning. We would all like to live in off grid houses, drive electric cars, fly in electric planes, wear completely sustainable fashion that doesn't resemble a potato sack and eat organic locally sourced food, but we can only consciously change if we start by changing our lifestyle habits and choices.

The jewellery industry is full of hypocrisy. I realised this when I entered as an outsider. I roll my eyes when people say the word ethical jewellery. Jewellery and all it's components, metals, gemstones ,well guess what they all come from the 'Earth '! They are mined, that is a process that whether it is termed ethical or not, in its very essence is not environmentally friendly, whatever anyone tells you. It is also one of the  most corrupt industries on the Planet, whatever anyone tells you certifications included. One cannot locally source gemstones or precious metals unless they are recycled and they come from half way across the world in the first place. 

Is there an answer?


Less is more!