The Chakra Gemstone Collection 


Elizabeth Raine

 is an interchangeable collection of 18 kt gold vermeil jewellery

that is attuned to the vibrational healing energy of the seven associated rainbow coloured gemstones

 that assists in balancing the chakras. 







The word Chakra comes from the ancient language of Sanskrit which translates to wheel or disc. There are 7 main Chakras located along the central body from our base to the top of our head which act like hubs that receive, assimilate and express our life energy, being responsible for our physical, mental and spiritual functions. Our Chakras need to be spinning literally in the right direction in unison to be balanced. When our Chakras are in left spin or blocked we feel  disconnected, negative and tired which left blocked and imbalanced can manifest later to health problems related to that chakra. Gemstone jewellery plays a huge role in balancing the chakras which through my own experience I have discovered, which is why I have launched the Elizabeth Raine Chakra Gemstone Collection carefully selecting the right stones to be worn in easy to wear interchangeable everyday jewellery to assist in balancing your Chakras.






When you are drawn to a coloured gemstone in the Chakra collection it a good indication that your intuition is telling you that there may be imbalance in that associated chakra. Elizabeth Raine Chakra Gemstone rings and earrings may be collected and our Chakra pendants are interchangeable to assist with your Chakra balancing process.



Healing is a process of transformation that requires an acceptance for change. By choosing to wear our Chakra gemstone jewellery is a step to being tuned into your body , mind and spirit. When each Chakra is balanced , clear, energized and in right spin, all the Chakras reach a level of unison and the whole physical vibration of the human body is raised. Surrounded yourself also with those colours that you are drawn to and let only positivity into your day.


When our Chakras are balanced our life energy (chi) flows properly, we feel energized healthy, fulfilled and happy on all levels to evolve.







Elizabeth Raine's Two Tone Tassel Collection is a colourful indulgent collection of two tone semi-precious beaded necklaces in sorbet shades with coordinating two tone gold plated leather tassels. Handmade in the UK, the collection was inspired by ice cream sorbet flavors.