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Following a turbulent time in her life, Elizabeth had a meditative vision of herself designing jewellery whilst overlooking the sea, with a prism of light casting rainbow rays all around her. It was this extraordinary experience that provoked her to create the uplifting and positive Oz Collection of jewellery that symbolises hope. Fascinated by colour, Elizabeth follows the rainbow spectrum in her storytelling jewellery designs. 

Elizabeth Raine's enchantment with jewellery began during childhood with frequent raiding of her mother's jewellery box, which was filled to the brim with psychedelic and heirloom jewellery. Wearing each piece allowed Elizabeth to enter all manner of imaginary worlds. She also collected small stones, shells, and colourful fragments of glass on her childhood outings, displaying the little objects to be admired.

Elizabeth went on to study fine art, and later a degree in interior design at Ravensbourne & UAL in Retail Design exhibiting in Paris in collaboration with Mattel, before working in the luxury decorative stone field undertaking notable design commissions, including successful accessories range for Kohler USA and working on interior concepts for Caudwell in Mayfair and South of France. She has also designed ranges for other brands and creative direction for other projects.

Elizabeth Raine has exhibited at Somerset House in 2013 and had her iconic Somewhere Over the Rainbow Ring featured In The New York Times Magazine.