LEGACY - Elizabeth Raine Trust

Something close to my heart and from the heart is helping others, under the Natural Laws of the Land. I am setting out bravely, after giving all I own to help others to set up the Elizabeth Raine Butterfly Trust. More about this soon story behind my love of butterflies. Anyhow, I seek to find disused land in cities and towns and turn into havens for retreat, escape, reflection and learning for all young and old. Something dear to me. Places: For plants, wild flowers to grow in urban corners, for bees and butterflies to find a home and resonate their vibration to those that come there. For healing to take place. For communication and ideas to ignite.  A sanctuary for souls that have been crushed by a system that has sought to enslave every soul that is man, woman, girl and boy. If you would like to donate or contribute to my vision which will be a legacy for future generations then start the conversation and please get in touch.