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Elizabeth Raine Ltd

New Horizons Vein Friendship Bracelet

£45.00 GBP

A meaningful colourful hand-woven pale blue silk 24 ct gold vermeil skinny vein friendship bracelet with lobster clasp.

Vein Friendship Bracelet Colours :

Purple Priestess - a deep purple associated with higher frequency of spiritual powers.

Wised Up Woman - a deep lapis blue associated with intuition, wisdom and truth.

New Horizons - a pale blue associated with the sea and sky for voyages and new beginnings.

Green Goddess - an emerald green associated with love and compassion for nature.

Go Getter Girl - a coral orange associated with a zest for life and going after goals with positivity,balance and enthusiasm.

Sunray Soul - a bright yellow associated with the sunshine in your soul to fuel your fire.

Grounded Girl / Earth Mother - a blood red associated with life force and keeping grounded as you reach for the stars or wander the Earth to just be.

Gypsy Rose Lee - a soft rose pink associated with self love and the gypsy spirit.

Lucky Cat Black - a jet black associated with protection and luck

Made From : 

24 ct gold vermeil on sterling silver. 100 % Silk cord

Size : 18.5 cm with lobster clasp

Presented in the exquisite signature gift box. An easy to wear friendship bracelet which can be worn individually or with Elizabeth Raine's other stacking bracelets to create a myriad of colours.