Fascinated by colour and its power to heal, Elizabeth follows the rainbow spectrum in her jewellery designs. Following a turbulent time in her life, Elizabeth had a meditative vision of herself designing jewellery whilst overlooking the sea, with a prism of light casting rainbow rays all around her. It was this extraordinary experience that provoked her to create the uplifting and positive Oz Collection of jewellery that symbolises hope. With no investors or leg up she carved her way through sheer determination and inner guidance,

Conventionally, or unconventionally, Elizabeth studied dance at Brighton, fine art, and later a degree in interior design at Ravensbourne & University of Arts London in Retail Design. Exhibiting in Paris in collaboration with Mattel with her environmental conceptual 2030 Water World Barbie house. Then working in the luxury interiors and fine decorative stone field undertaking notable design commissions for undisclosed notable private clients, including doing successful accessories range for commercial brand Kohler USA and working on interior concepts for Caudwell in Mayfair, London, and South of France. Her interest in interior design is for providing spaces of healing and the benefit to humanity and the Earth. With a special private resource of contacts and knowledge, she undertakes strictly private projects with powerful healing materials that are not readily available. Elizabeth is launching her interior design portal in 2022- Elizabeth Raine Design.

Elizabeth Raine has had her jewellery designs published in the New York Times and Yoga Times. Also photographing and featuring Dua Lipa. She continues to work on projects that she is passionate about, including writing. She has a fortitude, elegance and very British sense of humour, which has helped her overcome many challenges that have not darkened her light, grace and love to help others.


As an accidental lightworker, Elizabeth is not shy to say she has been down the rabbit hole on her journey. An intuitive since childhood, she has had some profound visions and spiritual experiences, that have heralded a calling for her help others. She has been guided to launch a portal 'Healing With Rainbows' launching in 2022, which is a beautiful colourful practical spiritual toolbox to get spiritually tooled up for evolving. Affordable tools for your spiritual growth are activating this year for all to access.



Personal observations and experiences are just the beginning. Elizabeth also draws inspiration from her intuition of the world around us and beyond - real, imaginary, and unknown for achieving wellbeing.  

 Although her designs seem literal, as in the Oz Collection, each piece and collection tells a story with an added meaning and healing message. With a keen interest in the holistic healing properties of stones and colour, she incorporates the elemental power of the stones used in her jewellery collections to enhance the sensory experience, bringing on a feeling of contentment and well being.


Elizabeth Raine Jewellery is finely handcrafted by a small workshop of the most skillful artisan jewellers, combining an ancient technique of fine enamelling. Using only the finest natural materials and gemstones, handpicked and especially sourced for their unique qualities. Every detail is created by hand with passion and love, making each piece exclusive and one-of-a-kind. Beaded collections are handmade in Elizabeth's studio in England. Each piece is infused with positive energy.

Each piece is defined by the ER official registered stamp and hallmarked at the London Assay Office. The journey of an Elizabeth Raine piece, from a tiny sketch to its stunning presentation in its own jewel box, is filled with passion and love. Elizabeth Raine jewellery is a statement of individuality and encapsulates positive, radiant energy, beauty, and sometimes a little of Elizabeth's grounded wit.