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At Elizabeth Raine Jewellery we consciously source our gemstones and ensure all working conditions are fair. "When I entered this industry as a unknown I came up against much prejudice that I openly as a British Designer use a lovely small jewellery studio in Jaipur to produce some of my pieces. I always find this curious as the origin of gemstones, gold and silver themselves are not materials that originate from Britain today and indeed the luxury fashion industry is the most hypocritical, when you consider the journey of a single garment in its creation. Some of our pieces are Made in Britain, but the materials do not come from Britain. I take care not to use plastic packaging, our packaging and printing collateral, is not mass produced in China but by a small packaging production company in the UK. For every item we sell and its journey to get to you, we offset our carbon footprint by the donation of planting trees. I believe in transparency in an industry which mostly is not. I am a very small business with all its constraints, noone is perfect, but to be positively conscious in all we do, is what it is all about collectively."


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