Volcanic Pyrite Mala Necklace ( Inner Strength )

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This Mala has 108 6mm volcanic stone beads, double hand knotted 216 knots with 100% garnet red waxed silk and 108 individual Sterling Silver beads, hand faceted pyrite beads and a volcanic guru bead, with sterling silver, finished with a matching tassel.

26 inches drop length  

Healing Properties:

Volcanic Stone: known as the ultimate stone for inner strength and stability it is very grounding and connected with the root chakra. Very good to dispel negativity from others which can cause self doubt and inner turmoil.

Pyrite: a very good stone to promote intellect and enhance memory and looking behind the surface of people and situations.

Handmade by Elizabeth Raine with Love in England. 

Presented in a beautiful pouch and gift box. With affirmation card and gift message card.

For a Bespoke Mala Rocks Necklace Handmade by Elizabeth Raine please enquire.